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Anglo-Saxon Burial Mounds
Stephen Pollington

Most people have heard of the ship burial at Sutton Hoo. Many are aware that there were other similar mounds nearby which once contained rich graves. Perhaps less well known is that the magnificent royal burial in Mound 1 at Sutton Hoo was only the most splendid so far discovered of a series of rich graves of the same period.
This is the first book-length treatment of Anglo-Saxon Barrows in English. It brings together some of the evidence from Sutton Hoo and elsewhere in England for these magnificent burials and sets them in their historical, religious and social context.
Part 1 descibes the physical construction and symbolic meaning of these monuments.

Part 2 provides a comprehensive listing of known Anglo-Saxon barrows with notes on their contents and the circumstances of their discovery.

The appendices deal with literary and place-name evidence.

22 illustrations - 11 in colour

£16.95   ISBN 9781898281511   264 pages

Remaking the Sutton Hoo Stone
The Ansell-Roper Replica and its Context

Paul Mortimer & Stephen Pollington

The 7th century ship burial at Sutton Hoo contains many enigmatic objects, none more so than the beautifully-worked stone with metal fittings. It is often referred to as a 'sceptre' or 'whetstone' but it may be neither.

The techniques used in making the stone and fitments display exceptional craftsmanship. So why were considerable resources devoted to creating it?

The making of a museum quality replica stone has provided new information and fresh insights which may help us answer many of the questions that have been asked about this beautiful and puzzling object.

The techniques used in making the stone are explained as is the geometry embedded within the overall design. There is also a critical review of the existing literature on the subject and a series of essays on aspects of Anglo-Saxon society that may be related to the making of the original stone.

£19.95,  196 pages,  Paperback, Illustrations - 106 black & white: 33 colour


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