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Looking for the Lost Gods of England

Kathleen Herbert

Kathleen Herbert sifts through the royal genealogies, charms, verse and other sources to find clues to the names and attributes of the Gods and Goddesses of the early English.

The earliest account of English heathen practices reveals that they worshipped the Earth Mother and called her Nerthus. The names Tiw, Woden, Thunor, and Frig have been preserved in place names and in the names given to days of the week.

The tales, beliefs and traditions of that time are still with us and able to stir our minds and imaginations; they have played a part in giving us A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Lord of the Rings.

£5·95   A5   3 maps   64 pages

The Elder Gods
The Otherworld of Early England

Stephen Pollington

Inscriptions from the 1st century AD provide the earliest physical evidence for a Germanic presence in Britain. From at least that time until the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon kings in the late 600s Britain had, to varying degrees, a heathen Germanic culture. After a presence of six centuries a new group of heathens arrived. Scandinavians brought with them beliefs, attitudes and a world view that were much like those that survived in Anglo-Saxon England. The Scandinavian arrival extended the Northern European heathen period to almost a thousand years.

The purpose of the work is to bring together a range of evidence for pre-Christian beliefs and attitudes to the Otherworld drawn from archaeology, linguistics, literary studies and comparative mythology. The rich and varied English tradition influenced the worldview of the later mediaeval and Norse societies. Aspects of this tradition are with us still in the 21st century.

70 black & white illustrations

£29  528 pages


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