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Old English Poems, Prose & Lessons
Anglo-Saxon Language

Read by Stephen Pollington

These two CDs can be used with First Steps in Old English or just listened to for the pleasure of hearing Old English spoken well.

Kings & Dates - CD 1
1 Capture of the Five Boroughs
2 Alfred on Athelney - ASC 878
3 Cynewulf and Cyneheard - ASC 755
4 The Danes' Harrying - ASC 997
5 The Arrival of the English - Bede
6 Battle of Brunanburh Crime & Punishment
7 Extracts from the Laws of King Ine
8 The Ordeal
Health & Wellbeing
9 Leechdoms - medical texts
10 Charm Against a Dwarf
11 Charm Against a Wen
12 Charm Against Waterelf Sickness
13 Nine Herbs Charm
14 Journey Charm
15 Wið Ymbe - for a swarm of bees
16 Wulf & Eadwacer
17 Funeral of Scyld Scefing - Beowulf
18 The Wanderer
19 Deor
20 Beowulf's Greeting - Beowulf
21 Durham

General - CD 2
1-17 Reading Exercises
18-20 Pronunciation Guide
21-25 Conversational Old English

£15·00 2 CDs

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CD cover for Old English Poems, Prose & Lessons

CD 1 for Old English Poems, Prose & Lessons

CD2 for Old English Poems, Prose & Lessons

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