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Learn Old English with Leofwin

Matt Love

This is a new approach to learning old English – as a living language. Leofwin and his family are your guides through six lively, entertaining, topic-based units. New vocabulary and grammar are presented in context, step by step, so that younger readers and non-language specialists can feel engaged rather than intimidated. The author has complemented the text with a wealth of illustrations throughout. This volume is the first part of the course.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills addressed in each unit
Quick-reference Grammar Guide
New English to Old English Vocabulary
Old English to New English Vocabulary
Audio exercises free from the Anglo-Saxon Books website -
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Background information on the Anglo-Saxon way-of-life.

The author, Matt Love, was born long ago in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. He graduated from Sussex University in 1977, and taught Modern Languages for many years. He described himself as "usually quite poor company, but brightens up somewhat should the conversation turn to language or history."

Matt Love was a teacher of modern languages and he brought that skill to the teaching of Old English. The rules af the language and its words are introduced gradually through the use of everyday language. This 'natural' introduction to Old English has been much appreciated by students of all kinds. We receive more letters of thanks and appreciation for this book than any other we publish.

£16·95      158 pages


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